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Répliques de la saison 10

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AGNES [to Cooper] : That’s three in a row, Pops. Maybe we should go back to Go Fish.
(épisode 1)


DEMBE : You were supposed to call me when Raymond got back into the States.
And I will. As soon as I hear, you’ll be the first to know. Well, top five. Mm, maybe ten. 
(épisode 1)

Mrs ITO [to agent Zuma] : Raymond usually pays in cash.
(épisode 1)

COOPER : I’ll ask Mr. Chin point blank. Why was Jennifer Moores inside that building? What was her legitimate purpose for being there?
CHIN YAO : And I’m telling Director Cooper point blank, I do not have to answer your questions.
(épisode 1)

SIYA : You... You work for Harold Cooper?
That’s right.
SIYA [to Deever] :
Harold Cooper runs a secret Task Force. So secret, most FBI agents don’t know about it.
And you do?
Yes, because my mother used to work for Harold Cooper. Her name was Meera Malik.
(épisode 1)
RESSLER [to Siya] : We not only knew her. She was a friend. And a-a very fine agent.
(épisode 1)
RED : This just isn’t gonna work. I mean, all of this would have to come out. It’s ridiculous. It looks like a cruise ship. Like, what’s this? A balcony?
ANDREA ATHENS : Yes, it’s a balcony on the mezzanine level.
RED : Is that where the water slide and the wave pool are? On the mezzanine level?
ANDREA : Mr. Reddington, this place checks a lot of your boxes. 30,000 square feet, no windows, high ceilings.
RED : I don’t need high ceilings, Andrea. I need at least two stories, not just a mezzanine.
(épisode 1)
ANDREA : You need to work with me here. Two or more stories means stairs, elevators. This is more efficient. And it’s a beautiful kitchen.
RED : Oh, stop with the kitchen already. There’s nothing I love more than a great kitchen [...] But for our purposes here, what I’m looking for – I don’t need a kitchen. And this has been open to the public. The place I need has to be discreet. I need it to be invisible.
(épisode 1)
RED : Okay, well, don’t take this the wrong way, Andrea, but that’s the first helpful thing you’ve said. So it does exist. It’s just being used by somebody else.
ANDREA : Maybe. Yes. Are you saying you want to buy someone out?
RED : How about I buy you lunch and you tell me everything you know about the companies that have factories in the area?
(épisode 1)
RESSLER [to the Freelance] : Well, we’ll have to walk down memory lane another time.
(épisode 1)
DEMBE : What are the chances of backup?
Getting here on time? Slim to none! We’re at a covert black site on a Caribbean island.
Then how do they know?!
(épisode 1)
DEEVER [to Siya] : I know. I didn’t see it coming myself. I’m a cliché. A spy who turned for the money. All I can tell you is... it is a whole lot of money.
(épisode 1)
COOPER : You’ve got to be kidding. Guess who just cleared security.
Hmm. Reddington.
(épisode 1)
RED [chuckles] : Ah. The gang’s all here. Well, not much of the gang. More of a... coffee klatch.
 Raymond, we’ve been trying to reach you.
Yes? Well, apologies. I’ve been...busier than expected.
Busy? As in blowing up former Blacklisters at foreign consulates?
No, Donald. That didn’t take much time at all. 
(épisode 1)
COOPER : Jennifer Moores. Veseli. Wujing’s approaching Blacklisters, criminals we sent to jail.
RED : Some of our former targets are now his targets. You should increase their security. Because... this is only the beginning. [chuckles] Well, that’s all I have for you.
(épisode 1)
DEMBE : Raymond. Where’s Chuck?
RED : I don’t know.
DEMBE : Who’s in charge of your security? Weecha’s not with you?
RED : No.
DEMBE : Where are you living?
RED : New York, mostly.
DEMBE : How did you get here?
RED : Took the train. What a nap. Slept the whole way.
DEMBE : Where are you going? Is there a car waiting for you?
RED : Dembe, I’m fine. I’ll just grab a cab.
DEMBE : Raymond. What’s going on?
RED : Nothing. Well... nothing and everything.
(épisode 1)
COOPER : I’ll be in touch.
I hope so. You need agents you can trust. I’m one.
(épisode 1)
ANIKA [threatening Mr. Cullen] : I want you to be comfortable with me. I want you to be comfortable when you leave the house in the morning and start up that sexy Holden HK Monaro. Comfortable that the ignition doesn’t ignite an incendiary device packed with EPX-1, which has the highest detonation velocity of all plastic explosives. Comfortable?
(épisode 2)
RED [about Siya] : I believe the question is whether she’ll be okay with me.
(épisode 2)
COOPER : What are we doing here, Red? This is not the most discreet.
RED : Street food, Harold. I’m on a pilgrimage. I won’t stop until I’ve tried it all. The pan-seared brains are supposed to be delicious here. Ooh, peppery goat breast. [to the Food Vendor] Hi. Okay, we’ll take the number one, three, the five, and I guess the seven. Odds today, evens tomorrow. Homan. [to Cooper] Live like you’re dying. Am I right, Harold?
(épisode 2)
RED [about Wujing] : It appears he’s out there marshaling his forces.
COOPER : And for some reason, you’ve disbanded yours. I’m hearing you don’t even have security.
épisode 2)
RED : Oh, please, Spencer, it’s Raymond. Although, Steve Jones always calls me “Rotten Ray.” In fact, I did a little guest DJ thing with him on “Jonesy’s Jukebox” using that moniker. Apparently, Johnny got pissed off thinking we were making fun at his expense. Which maybe we were, or maybe we weren’t. [ chuckling ] I don’t know. It doesn’t take much to piss off John.
SPENCER WATERS : Steve Jones? Johnny Rotten? Seems like you got a lot of friends. That phone call I got from, uh, Huey Lewis’ manager...
RED [ laughs ] : Jerry. Yes.
(épisode 2)
RED : Spencer, if it’s a friend of mine, they’re either the very best or the most fun. Often both [chuckles] 
(épisode 2)
RED : Your costumes, Donald. For the theater this evening. Ms. Malik, please allow me to introduce myself.
SIYA : You’re a man of wealth and taste?
RED [laughs] : Clever. I’m Raymond Reddington. Please. [Red gestures for them to sit on the armchairs facing the couch] I knew your mother many years ago.
SIYA : And what did she think of you?
RED : I don’t know if she ever liked me very much.
SIYA : Mr. Reddington, you and I don’t need to be friends with one another. Like my mother, I’m also extremely capable. I can liaise with you, work beside you, smile at your jokes, but this is a professional relationship to me. Nothing more.
RED : Practiced that, have you? 
(épisode 2)
SIYA : So, Agent Ressler poses as Lyons and I’m the arm candy? Is that it?
RED : On the contrary, Emilia Marie Lyons will sit at the card table, and Donald will be the arm candy.
RESSLER : Come again?
(épisode 2)
RED : I have a feeling any daughter of Meera Malik will be smart and quick on her feet, and you, Donald, will be more believable as her bank and much better as the eyes and ears watching her back. If I were in a pinch, I’d want you watching mine.
(épisode 2)
CONFIDENT GUY : You went all in with two fives? With three face cards showing? You didn’t know what I had here.
SIYA: Oh, I knew. I watched you win, so I’d know the moment you were losing. Remember? That’s when you called me “short stack.”
(épisode 2)
RESSLER : This is quite the collection of people. I see a weapons dealer, a country singer, and a chairman of the Gemeinschaft Bank in Zurich. [Siya looks askance at him] What? Forbes was the only magazine on the flight down here.
(épisode 2)

RED [about Agnes] : Harold, don’t be absurd. I would never be so conspicuous, let alone creepy, as to loiter outside of a middle school. I found her at soccer practice. I simply thought it prudent to get ahead of the situation.
COOPER : Raymond, for once, please listen to me. Stand down and stop it. I won’t ask you again. [line clicks]
RED : Why am I always the bad guy?
(épisode 2)

NIGEL [chuckles ] : Sure. So, uh, which one of you do I start with?
RESSLER : I guess I’ll be your first dance. 
(épisode 2)
RESSLER : Where did you get that?
SIYA : Us spies have all the best toys.
RESSLER : I keep underestimating you.
SIYA : Yes, I’ve noticed that. Shall we check back in with home?
(épisode 2)
RED : Well, don’t worry yourself. I had an inkling he’d make an appearance at the game. So, I have a backup.
COOPER : What backup?
RED : What’s sweet and fun and Red all over?
(épisode 2)
RED : Mm. Anika, tell me – how much is your cut of Wujing’s take here tonight?
ANIKA : Excuse me?
RED : 10% of his winnings? No, you’re better than that. 15. I don’t know how much you helped him to collect at all those other casinos, but I’m guessing he heads for the door this evening with, what, $20, $25 million? That’s a little less than four to you, yes? [Red holds up a small sack] Here’s six. In diamonds. You can take it right now. I’m a sure bet. [menacing] You’ve never made a wrong decision in your life. Don’t start now.
(épisode 2)
RED : Well, I’m not armed and you’re not armed, and I highly doubt we’re going to leap across the table and do what? Give each other bloody noses?
WUJING : How’d you know I’d be here?
RED : Calculated guess.
(épisode 2)
RED : You have no idea what I am. You don’t even know how to really look. Your anger and your hate have made you shortsighted.
WUJING : I’m going to be the end of you. I’m all in.
RED : There’s an end waiting for all of us. Call.
(épisode 2)
RED [to Wujing] : There’s one thing you should know before we go any further than this table. Whatever they are, if they’re in my hand, they’re always the right cards. [Red shows his cards]
DEALER : Flush wins.
RED : Aha. Look at that.
(épisode 2)
RESSLER : Welcome to the team, Siya. But I’m still gonna lose sleep over you.
(épisode 2)
RED : Well, I guess I’m just lucky. You should see me at cards. You have a project manager on your team. Philip Rutherman. You also have a $78,000 debt to two bookies in Baltimore. [Red places a fat manila folder on the desk in front of Cullen] That’s 100. The extra 20-something’s for whatever you like.
ARNOLD : If that’s for me, what’s for you?
RED : [...] : I think it’s time that Mr. Rutherman and his family transferred somewhere a little warmer, a little wetter, a little further away.
(épisode 2)
COOPER : So you won’t believe this, but the problem Agnes was having at school seems to have rectified itself. The girl’s whole family just moved to Florida.
RED : That’s serendipitous news.
COOPER : Don’t treat me like an idiot, Raymond. Your fingerprints are visible from a mile away.
(épisode 2)
RED [about Agnes] : You know, Maurice Sendak, one of the most celebrated and most wonderful children’s book authors of all time, he said about children : “You tell them anything you want. Just tell them if it’s true. If it’s true, you tell them.” I hear that and I think it’s the best advice, and yet, still… What if I want to protect her? What if I just… want her to be a safe, happy young girl?
COOPER : I know how much you care. Truly. I know you have the best possible intentions when it comes to her. But that also means allowing her to skin her knees sometimes. I’ve raised two children of my own in my life. Now I’m raising someone else’s, and I can tell you with certainty, they grow up to be ~ whomever they’re going to be.
(épisode 2)
PANABAKER [to Cooper] : Agent Ives won’t be grabbing pickle jars off any high shelves for a while, but I’m praying for him, and I just want to get back to what I was sent to DC to do.
(épisode 3)
COOPER : Well, I’m no stranger, but you put it all on the line for me last year. You kept me out of prison. I want to repay my debt to you.
Has the cheese slid all the way off your cracker? There’s a reason I put it on the line, and it wasn’t Christian charity. Reddington blackmailed me.
You said that was all forgotten.
 Forgotten. But not forgiven. I never want to be under that man’s thumb again. Or anyone else on his team.
(épisode 3)
BOOKSELLER : I recognized your book immediately. It was reported stolen from the Polish Academy of Sciences.
And two minutes ago, you wanted to buy it from me for a million-two. Shall we dispense with the sanctimony? 
(épisode 3)
BOOKSELLER : Their shimmer comes from an industrial byproduct – arsenic. The Victorians were mad for it. Put it in wallpaper, linen, lingerie. And when they went truly mad from toxic exposure, doctors thought it was hysteria, “witch fever.” We know better now. Which is why these books have been removed from most other private collections.
And if one were to remove the slipcover?
Time has increased their potency. As the binding deteriorates and flakes off, the arsenic enters your lungs, eventually causing total collapse.
I know exactly which one I want.
Are you prepared to own something so deadly?
Oh, it isn’t for me. It’s for a friend.
(épisode 3)
ROBERT VESCO : I didn’t request anything.
Special delivery. Courtesy of Raymond Reddington.
Oh, then I definitely don’t want it.
Took a lot of juice to smuggle it in. And I wouldn’t refuse a gift from a man with that kind of reach.
Please. I taught him everything he knows. Which is half of what I know. Believe me. He tries anything, I’ll see it coming a mile away.
(épisode 3)
Vesco [reading aloud] : Hmm.  “Dear Robert, as Dickens said, there are books of which the backs and covers are by far the best parts.” “Raymond.” [scoffs ] Cryptic bastard.
(épisode 3)
RED : Mr. Dodd. I understand that you can see into a man’s pockets, into a man’s mind. Why don’t you focus that superior perception on me. Tell me what you see?
You got me kind of handicapped here. [ Sighs ] But let’s see. Martin Greenfield suit. Brooklyn clothier. Nice. Paul Stuart shoes. You got wealth and taste, but you don’t like to draw attention. Although, that Rolex isn’t hiding its light under a bushel.
Even a simple man has to check the time.
No car keys. You gotta go anywhere, someone else does the driving. [Red reaches into his pocket and pulls out tickets to the Metro [laughs ] Ohh! Metro? You?
No one really looks at anyone on the subway.
That’s a fair point. No wallet or billfolds. Just cash in your right front. Firearm behind. An extra mag in your right jacket. A flip phone in your left. Now, for your mind – I’ll tread softly. I assume braver men have plumbed your depths and drowned. The stuff you carry, the way your smile never reaches those eyes – it’s just humor and darkness. A life lived too long with little left to lose. Except the life.
You missed something.
I didn’t get a good look at your socks.
In my back pocket. You missed all the people I keep there, including a certain Senator you conspired to have killed.
Whoa! I had no idea it was gonna go down like that. I don’t know why I just told you that.
Guess I’ll have to kill you now.
Please. I won’t breathe a word.
Oh, but I’d like a word. About the shooter who hired you.
I can’t talk about that. 
(épisode 3)
BRIMLEY : What do you think, Red? A belt to cut off the blood? Bit rudimentary.
Still, very effective. You see, Quentin, I suspected that you might prove reticent, and I thought an old-fashioned criminal deserves an old-fashioned punishment. You try to take from me, I take your hand.
My hand? You... You wouldn’t rob me of my livelihood.
ob a thief. How ironic.
So, we got your bone nibblers ...your shaping mallet [scraping]... and this. Ever smell bone dust? The Gigli saw was invented 130 years ago, but I still haven’t found a cleaner way to sever a limb.
Okay. I’ll talk. I’ll talk.
(épisode 3)
POPS : Us old-timers have a motto "In with the gravy, in with the grief". You want your share of the spoils, you take your share of the trouble that comes along with it. Though I hope there’s gravy at the end of this.
With success, you’ll have enough to fill a bathtub.
Eh, shouldn’t be a problem. We just need a few days to plan, maybe a week.
You have three hours. 
(épisode 3)
CYNTHIA [to Cooper] : What? Did you think I was gonna wait around for you to rescue me? I’m not exactly a shrinking violet. 
(épisode 3)
RED : Robert!
Oh, no. No, no, no. No, no way. I’m not getting in.
Come on, Robert.
You poisoned me with a book!
All part of the plan, Robert. All part of the plan. Get in the car.
I almost died!
 RED :
Okay, so maybe there was a 15% chance, 20% at most. Maybe 25%. But here you are! So, get in, sit back, and relax. You’re a free man! Robert.
All right.
(épisode 3)
COOPER : Have you seen tonight’s news? They’re already calling you “Cynthia Six Shooter.”
Well, that’s enough to win me re-election right there.
I’ll drink to that.
(épisode 3)
[Red offers Robert caviar on a cracker]
VESCO : No, no. You first.
RED :  You don’t trust me? 
VESCO : You left me to rot in cinderblock hell! You almost killed me! Mm. And now what? Am I your guest or am I your prisoner?
RED : My guest, obviously. The caviar I serve my prisoners is just fish eggs.
(épisode 3)
VESCO : You see? You always have an angle. And I’m the one who taught you that.
(épisode 3)
VESCO : Wait. Is that Treasure Island? Okay. So that’s why you busted me out.
RED : There’s no hidden message, Robert. This is just a simple gift.
VESCO : No, no, no. You gave me Oliver Twist because it’s about an old man teaching a young kid how to be a criminal. Plus, they’re pickpockets. Now, this...
RED : Are we sure the arsenic didn’t damage your brain?
VESCO :  It says “Treasure” right here in the title, Raymond!
RED : Just a little? We should really get your head examined.
VESCO : You are not coming near my head. [Red chuckles ] Oh, no...
(épisode 3)
RED [making breakfast] : Harold.
COOPER : Excuse me. Why are you in my home at this hour? This is not okay.
RED : You’re right. It’s not. I understand that. And under any other circumstances, I wouldn’t have imposed.
COOPER : Did you sleep here?
RED : A very quick catnap. Just on the bench over there. Truly, a half-hour at most, and then the time it took to put together breakfast. 
(épisode 4)
COOPER [to Red] : What is going on with you? Do you even have a home anymore?
(épisode 4)
RED : Comfy?
VESCO : Hmm! I’m limper than a drunk jellyfish. Ooh. I haven’t had a Turkish massage like that since that hammam in Antalya.
(épisode 4)
VESCO : Raymond... I love the hospitality here, but I feel like I’m being fattened up for a slaughter. When does the axe fall?
RED  : There’s no axe.
VESCO : Hmm. So, what gives? First you bust me out of prison. Now you’re treating me like a hairy princess.
RED : I’ve lost a lot of people, Robert. If my circle of friends gets any smaller, it won’t be a circle. I just want to fill my world with people I care about.
VESCO : What a crock of crap. You need me for a job or what?
RED : I need you for a job. 
(épisode 4)
RED : Tadashi, any luck finding her address?
TADASHI : Luck? No. Skill? Ya boy!
(épisode 4)
RESSLER : Wait. These are French fries. I ordered onion rings.
DEMBE : Well, I told them onion rings. They must’ve made a mistake on the order.
RESSLER : Yeah, but you have onion rings.
DEMBE : Yes. They got my order right.
(épisode 4)
VESCO [alias MadIRC, to Alex] : Slow down, OptimisticPanda. Uh, one step at a time. First, I’d like you to meet my associate.
RED : Oh. Yes. Uh, CosmicMuffin.
(épisode 4)
VESCO : You didn’t think that I might want to know that there’s a homicidal maniac on the same treasure hunt as us?
RED : I didn’t want to make you anxious.
VESCO : Well, I’m anxious now.
(épisode 4)
CORDELIA : Which, uh... Which one of you is Reddington?
RED and VESCO [pointing each other] : He is.
(épisode 4)
CORDELIA : Ow! You shot me in the foot!
RED [to Vesco] : We’ve got what we need here. You ready to go?
VESCO : Hold on. We can’t just leave her here with the final piece of the puzzle.
RED : Don’t worry. I have a cleanup crew on standby to pick up the trash.
(épisode 4)
TADASHI : Ta-da! Shi.
RED : Well done, Tadashi.
VESCO : That’s a healthy balance.
TADASHI : Wait. There’s something else in his wallet. It’s an NFT. Non-fungible token. This one’s a video file.
RED : Is that what the kids call a TikTok?
VESCO : I think that’s a Chatsnap.
RED : Huh.
TADASHI : Stop. I-I’m gonna open the file.
(épisode 4)
RED [to Herbie] : [...]Time is the ultimate luxury, a thing to be savored, not hoarded, nor compressed, nor controlled, as if any of us can control time in the first place.
(épisode 5)
HERBIE [about Sue] : No, yeah, no. Of course. Man, I-I-I will never get used to the crushing volume of stuff required for someone so small. And why does all of it [toys] have to make noise? You know what I mean? Like, I am surrounded by pink, plastic torture devices.
(épisode 5)
SIYA : Uh... I’m supposed to be dropping some things for an associate of an associate of mine. D- Are you Herbie?
HERBIE : Uh, yeah. Yeah, I believe that I’m... the associate... of your... associate. But, um...
SIYA : Cute baby.
HERBIE : Oh, thank you. Thanks. Yeah. She’s been a howler monkey from hell this morning. Yeah, every morning.
(épisode 5)
RED : Herbie, the water pressure in that shower could strip the hide from an elephant. Oh, good. You’ve met Siya. Siya, this is Herbie.
HERBIE : So the F-B-freaking-I?
(épisode 5)
SIYA [on phone ] : Hello, Herbie. This is Siya.
Hey! Siya. This is Herbie.
I know. I just said, “Hello, Herbie.”
(épisode 5)
RESSLER [about Herbie]: A forensics nerd who plays competitive foosball.
SIYA : Who also happens to be happily married to a super-hot punk-rock singer.
RESSLER [chuckles] : Well, that confirms it. I’m definitely doing it wrong.
(épisode 5)
RESSLER : Cut to the chase!
HERBIE : Decomposing bodies.
HERBIE : Vegetation with this unique iridescence is grown on or near remains... Human remains.
(épisode 5)
ANTON [about his mother] : Decomposing in that garden was the only time that woman ever nurtured anything.
(épisode 5)
PERILLOS : So, is Wujing a first name, or are we dealing with a Cher, Prince, Beyonce situation? 
(épisode 6)
PERILLOS : Mr. Zuma is one of two men alive to have withstood my charms.
Then I imagine you’ll be eager to take a second bite at the apple.
(épisode 6)
COOPER : I can see Vesco stealing from Reddington, but siding with a man like Wujing? Even considering everything those two have done to each other over the years, it seemed to me that, other than Dembe, Vesco was about the closest thing Reddington had to a friend.
(épisode 6)
PERILLOS [to Dembe] : Wujing thinks you joined the FBI at Reddington’s request. Do you want to know what I think? I think you left him because you were looking for something. Redemption? Absolution, maybe? That’s it, isn’t it? Ah. You walked away from Reddington to step into the light. My, my, my. Maybe our little chat actually had a real impact on you.
(épisode 6)
PERILLOS : [...] You knew you had to get away from Reddington, but you couldn’t bare to leave him entirely, so you did the next best thing,  you joined the team supporting him. It’s sweet, in an utterly pathetic kind of way. Or maybe it just felt natural, leaving a corrupt, violent, White man for a corrupt, violent, White institution.
(épisode 6)
WUJING [about Dembe] : Dr. Perillos, how’s our guest?
PERILLOS : Unconscious. Not as strong as I remember, but still stubborn as a mule. 
(épisode 6)
RED : After Wujing approached him, Robert confronted me with Wujing’s allegations. So I told him the truth, and he loved it. You know Robert. He said I’d achieved what every criminal dreams of.
DEMBE : So Robert went back to Wujing as a mole.
(épisode 6)
DEMBE [about Vesco] : Raymond, if you haven’t heard from him...
RED : He’ll reach out when it’s safe. You rest, Dembe.
(épisode 6)
VESCO : Shame. And to think poor Doctor Psychopath won’t get to finish her comeback tour.
PERILLOS : Oh, I wouldn’t say I’m finished.
VESCO : Easy, darling. I’ll save you the trouble. I’ve never been to any task force headquarters, I don’t know about any other FBI agent other than Dembe, and Raymond never said a word to me about, uh, an immunity agreement.
(épisode 6)
VESCO : But one thing I do know, it’s just a matter of time before Reddington puts a bullet in the lot of you.
WUJING : And what makes you so sure of that?
VESCO : Because he’s Raymond Reddington.
(épisode 6)
RESSLER : I’m not talking about the people you lose. I’m talking about what happens to the ones who survive. This work changes people. It changed me, and I’m not sure if it was for the best. You wanted to know about what your mother did? Well, this is it, and believe me, Dr. Perillos is just the tip of the iceberg.
(épisode 6)
RED [to cooper] : I brought some treats for Agnes. You’ll never guess where I got them. The New Jersey Turnpike. A diabolically inhumane and utterly demoralizing length of road that surprisingly strings together an intriguing collection of, eh, travel plazas, rest stops, each of which is named after a historical dead person somehow associated with Jersey, from Walt Whitman, who frankly, I would associate more with New York, to Vince Lombardi, who I believe everyone would associate with Green Bay, Wisconsin. They have gummy snakes three feet long.
(épisode 7)
RED [to Cooper ] :  [...] On the way back, I’m stopping for a ride on the tallest roller coaster in North America. I’m scared to death.
(épisode 7)
COOPER : I was sorry to hear about Robert Vesco. I know you two were close.
RED : Too close, I’m afraid. Robert was fond of saying that he taught me everything I know. But he didn’t ever really know the half of who or what I am. It was a terrible mistake bringing him deeper into my world. And, tragically, he was the one to pay the price for it.
COOPER : He did save Dembe’s life.
RED : Yes, he did do that. And that’s a fine legacy. But I’ll miss him, and it’s entirely my fault. Usually is. 
(épisode 7)
[ breaking news headline: “Ferry Sinks in Baltimore Harbor. Dozens Presumed Dead” ]
COOPER : My God. What happened?
RED : Alban Veseli happened [...] . A deckhand working on a tender ship by the piers reported seeing a man matching Veseli’s description near the ferry terminal?  hours ago. I’m only sorry the tip didn’t come in sooner.
(épisode 7)
HERBIE : Wait a minute. Is this a black site? I figured it out, right? Which means that you guys are...  CIA.
HERBIE : Oh, okay. NSA.
SIYA : Come on, Herbie. Red’s really anxious for those results.
HERBIE : NGA? NRO? I know this can’t be NCIS. I’ve watched that for years. It’s nothing like this.
(épisode 7)
SOLEDAD [about Ita] : I think she has a crush on you.
RED : Not half as much as I have on her. You two keep spoiling me, I’ll have to extend my visit.
SOLEDAD : Careful, day two is when Abuelita really makes her move.
RED : Ha! I can’t wait. 
(épisode 7)
MARIA [sobs] : Please, mister, I... I...I have two babies.
RED : Maria, the man Rogelio asked you to look for,  did you find him, or did he find you?
MARIA : He came to me... when I arrived on the floor?  in the hallway. He promised me $10,000 if I told Rogelio exactly what he said.
RED : Go home to your children.
(épisode 7)
ROGELIO :  Raymond. You’re paying her for betraying us?
RED : We offered Maria money in exchange for information. She may have fed us the who, what, and where on someone else’s orders. But the why she just gave us? That’s something to pay for. And maybe a new stroller for good measure. You realize this all started with that picture of us.
(épisode 7)
RED :  Well, you know, there’s scarcely a rule I haven’t broken in my life, Dembe. But there is one even I won’t trifle with, the Rule of Three. Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the Three Little Pigs, the three-paragraph persuasive essay. Three is the smallest number of any elements that firmly establishes a pattern in the human mind. And these photos illustrate the story Wujing is attempting to tell about me.
DEMBE : Which means The Freelancer is planning another attack.
RED : And Wujing’s personal paparazzo is going to lead you there.
(épisode 7)
RESSLER : All right. No power, no sparks. We’re good.
[ Dembe turns around and Veseli is gone]
DEMBE : No. We’re not.
(épisode 7)
COOPER : [...] And it seems like every time we stop a threat, it just begets three more.
RED : It’s a disastrous domino effect. Taking down Marvin Gerard sets in motion a chain of events that eventually sinks a ferry.
(épisode 7)
COOPER : Photographs of the task force. Concrete evidence. Now that Wujing has them, what’s he planning to do with them?
RED : Time will tell.
(épisode 7)
COOPER : [...] Why haven’t you been answering your phone?
RED : I threw it in a dumpster. Damn thing was driving me crazy. It’s been liberating to disconnect.
COOPER : The Freelancer’s still at large. Wujing is trying to expose your relationship with us, and you threw your phone in the trash?
(épisode 8)
RED : Did you know that when Madeleine Albright was Secretary of State, she wore very specific brooches and pins to send not-so-subtle messages to her foes abroad without ever having to say a word? A gold coiled-snake pin after the Iraqis called her a serpent for trying to impose tougher sanctions. A big beetle brooch when she met with the Russians after they’d “bugged” a room in the State Department. I was reminded of this the other day in an antique shop in the West Village.
[Red opens a small box with four jewel-encrusted pins that look like houseflies inside]. I couldn’t resist. Wujing is nothing more than a fly, Harold. A pest. A nuisance.
COOPER : That nuisance killed your friend, Robert Vesco, among others. Sometimes I’m not sure you’re taking any of this seriously anymore.
RED : I’m well aware that flies can be dangerous, even lethal, but mostly just annoying. 
(épisode 8)
SIYA : It was trending on Rambler for hours yesterday. I was watching it unfold live. Didn’t you see it?
DEMBE : I don’t “ramble.” Is that even the right verb?
RESSLER : It’s not my thing.
(épisode 8)
RED : I just had the most magnificent steam. Does wonders for the lungs and nasal passages. Not to mention my pores.
CHUCK : Oh, yeah. You do have sort of a glow.
RED : We live in the age of self-care, Chuck. You should try it.
CHUCK : It’s also the age of technology. Here.
[Chuck hands Red his new cell phone]
(épisode 8)
PHIL : People keep telling me that you’ve cozied up to the feds. I’m concerned. I don’t want to believe them.
RED : Well, perhaps you should. Because I have. I also work with assets from Mossad, MI6, CIA, FSB. I have judges in my pocket. People in police departments from New York to New Delhi.
(épisode 8)
RED : When I was a child, I spent many summers at my grandmother’s farm. She kept pigs, chickens, some cows, sheep. And there was this one little goat, Belka. Poor thing had only one eye. My grandmother thought she was hideous, but I took quite a shine to her. Those summers were paradise. And my grandmother gave me free rein. She had only one rule, stay out of the green shed. Year after year, I thought and thought of that shed. I dreamed and nightmared of the place. What could possibly be in there? What sort of secrets did it hold? And who went in there? And when? Why? Well, one day, Belka – went missing. Must have gotten out of her pen. And I looked – I looked all over the property. It was getting late. Getting dark. And then I heard it, her familiar little bleat. And it was coming from the shed. I don’t know how she got there, but I screwed up my courage and pulled open the door. Do you know what was in that shed?
PHIL : No.
RED : Nothing. Literally nothing but a little hay. And Belka, of course. All that fear and trepidation, anticipation – for nothing. Tell yourself all the stories you want to about me, Phil, but there’s nothing there except a one-eyed goat... Still getting rich?
(épisode 8)
RED [to Phil] : [...] But make no mistake, you can’t do it the way you do it... without me. I expect full payment by tomorrow morning. And if something like this ever happens again, it won’t end with a polite conversation. 
(épisode 8)
BO CHANG : You ruined my life !
’m pretty sure you did that all on your own.
BO CHANG [To Dembe ]:
And you! I guess we both got tired of working for Reddington, huh? The feds, though? Really, Dembe?
You can address me as Agent Zuma.
You wanna know why I got on board with Wujing? Reddington. I was on retainer with that man for three years. I did some of my best work with him, too. I got him and Elizabeth Keen out of DC in the middle of a national manhunt. And how’d he repay me? By giving up me and my entire team to you. He’s a snake.
(épisode 8)
BO CHANG [to Ressler and Zuma] : I got nothing else to say. You tell that to Reddington and his hat. That damn hat.
(épisode 8)
HERBIE : Harold? I love that guy. He’s so regal. And firm. And there’s a little softness to him, you know?
RED : That’s all very... specific. He told me you’ve been calling Ms. Malik. Obsessively.
HERBIE :  Did he actually use that word?
(épisode 8)
BO CHANG : What’s in it for me?
How about... survival? That’s if we’re in bed with Reddington, as you suggest.
Which we’re not.
hen everything said in this room would get back to him.
Including the fact that you helped his task force capture Wujing.
That assistance may just be enough to keep you alive in prison and safe from Reddington’s retribution. I mean, that’s if the task force worked with Reddington.
Which it doesn’t.
The drop’s today at 4:00. Madison Park in Northeast. You just make sure Reddington finds out that I’m helping you.
(épisode 8)
DEMBE : Should we involve Raymond?
COOPER : We know Reddington’s endgame here. It’s not our job to aid and abet him in murdering Wujing. 
(épisode 8)
BO CHANG :  I do. But I wouldn’t say I’m “all good.” I can’t believe I’m working for Reddington again.
You’re not. You’re working for the FBI.
Again with the charade? Just own it already, man.
(épisode 8)
SIYA : How can this task force function if you’re hiding things from him?
 Raymond hides things, as well.
f you don’t trust him, and he doesn’t trust the task force, how can you possibly make criminal cases based on his information?
DEMBE : It sounds dysfunctional, but I have faith that Raymond wants good things to happen to good people.
You two were so close before. Must be strange keeping things from him now.
We keep things from each other to protect each other. It’s a healthy mistrust, and I trust in that, too.
(épisode 8)
DEEVER : Can I go now? I did what you asked.
RED : Not so fast.
DEEVER : That was our deal. You said if I brought him in, you would let me go.
RED : I never said I’d let you go. I said I’d let you live.
(épisode 8)
RED [to Siya] : There’s a gift waiting for you. Consider it a belated “Welcome to the team.”
(épisode 8)
RED [about Herbie] : He so desperately wants to be part of a team. Your team, in fact. I think it would be wonderful for him. Though I should warn you, he’s not entirely a team player.
COOPER : What a ringing endorsement.
(épisode 8)
RED : [...] Harold, I couldn’t help but notice that you forgot to inform me today about your plan to entrap Wujing.
COOPER : And you forgot to tell me that you found Deever.
RED : I didn’t forget.
(épisode 8)
COOPER : What about Veseli? The man Deever “rescued” for you. What are you going to do with him?
RED :  Whatever the hell I want.
(épisode 8)
CYNTHIA : Or you will discover what it feels like to have the full weight of the American government come bearing down on one tiny troll.
(épisode 9)
BO CHANG : Your archives are offline. Doesn’t mean they’re secure.
RESSLER : Well, it means that you can’t access them outside of this building. Why? What’s he (Wujing) gonna do? Attack a federal facility?
CHANG : Who knows? 
(épisode 9)
RESSLER : Hmm. Well, Reddington said he wasn’t gonna talk. I hate it when he’s right.
DEMBE : Stick to it.
(épisode 9)
 [replica of the Post Office]
PANABAKER [astonished ]
: Well, shut my mouth and call me Shirley.
COOPER : It’s incredible, isn’t it?
(épisode 9)
COOPER : You said you had something big to tell us.
RED : Yes, well the “something big” is a building.
COOPER : Our building. The Post Office. 
(épisode 9)
COOPER : Wujing was looking for the Post Office, so you decided to build a duplicate?
RED : Duplicate. Decoy. Dummy. Interesting that all those words start with “D".
(épisode 9)
PANABAKER : And all of this works? The overheads, the terminals? The workstations all have power? Remarkable. All for an illusion?
COOPER : Yes. All for an illusion that isn’t an illusion. It’s not a movie set. There are no Styrofoam walls. It’s an exact reproduction of the original.
PANABAKER : So Reddington didn’t build a fake Post Office. He built another Post Office?
COOPER : Down to the last detail.
(épisode 9)
RED : An informant? Sven. I’m Raymond Reddington. I run the most intricate and lucrative criminal operation in existence. A global enterprise that you and Wujing have, or had, neither the knowledge nor the experience to even remotely comprehend. I’m at the apex of the criminal pyramid, an increasingly competitive and brutal world, where those that are under are constantly scheming and striving to get on top, and yet, here I am. I’m still here – at the tippy top. And thriving. Always have. Why do you think that is, Sven? Uh, that’s unfair. I make it sound as if there’s only one reason, and in truth, there are many, but one of the most important has always been my relationship with law enforcement.
HOLLUFSON : You feed them information.
RED : I trade intelligence. 
(épisode 9)
HOLLUFSON : A lot of people, including some of our own, have gone to prison because of you.
RED : We’re having a philosophical conversation, an exchange of ideas, so I’m gonna try to contain my disappointment.
HOLLUFSON : Tell me I’m wrong.
RED : “There’s no honor among thieves.” You know that saying? I despise that saying because the fact is, in this life of ours, there are lines that even criminals should not cross, a standard of conduct even for those who earn their livelihood by breaking the law. Do I use my leverage with law enforcement to hold those who violate that standard accountable? Yes, I do. Those individuals have forfeited the right to operate freely, and every single one of them is lucky they are held to account by others instead of being held to account by me.
(épisode 9)
RED : I’m offering. You need work. I have work.
ZHANG WEI : Enough!
RED : You can live to fight another battle, another day, and when that battle comes, you can fight it with me [...] Time’s up. Sven, in or out?
(épisode 9)
DEMBE : So you turned the Troll Farmer?
RED : No. I found him first.
DEMBE : Because you knew he was on Marvin’s list, and Wujing needed him to access our archives.
RED : You know this, Dembe. What wins wars?
DEMBE : Anticipation.
(épisode 9)
COOPER : You didn’t build that duplicate Post Office to fool Wujing. You built it to fool us!
RED : To protect you, Harold. To insulate you and the Task Force from what I intended to do. Now you can honestly say you were not involved.
RESSLER : What? So we should be, what, grateful?
RED : You can be whatever you’d like to be, Donald.
(épisode 9)
SIYA : You deleted the archives!
RED : Of course not. We just removed any reference to me and any mention of a reliable source or a confidential informant.
(épisode 9)
RED : I don’t care about Main Justice, Harold. But you and your team, that’s another matter.
(épisode 9)
COOPER : You’ve finally done it. Torn it all down!
RED: You’re angry, Harold. Take some time to think about how or whether we can continue. I’ll do the same.
(épisode 9)
RED : Oh, for goodness’ sake, Harold. You’re angry. I understand.
COOPER : You murdered Wujing and Zhang Wei in the Post Office. You brought an army there. You used a stolen NSA tool to delete government records.
RED : Well, when you put it like that...
COOPER : “Angry” doesn’t begin to cover it.
RED : I understand.
COOPER : What you’ve done, Raymond...
RED : I would do again in a heartbeat.
(épisode 10)
RED : There’s never been a fixed paradigm for how we operate, Harold. What the task force was on its first day was different than what it was on its second. Or third or tenth. And different from what it is today. All I can say is... the danger that Marvin Gerard unleashed, it’s done. Criminals are dead. My connection to the FBI has been erased. As we’ve changed course many times before, we’re changing course again. It is what it is.
COOPER : That’s what I tell the Department of Justice? Cynthia Panabaker? Congress? “It is what it is”?
(épisode 10)
HERBIE : Hey, sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry. Hi. It’s me. Hello. Um, did I miss anything? What did I miss?
COOPER : Just your first morning of your trial employment period.
SIYA : Is he videoconferencing from home? You can do that?
HERBIE : Sue’s got some sort of stomach bug. Um, we ...  We gave her this new brand of peaches.
Maybe that was it, but, oh... Whatever’s coming out of her is not peach-colored.
(épisode 10)
RED : [...]  Benny. Are you following?
SEAVER : Laurel’s moving to Dubai?
RED : Oh, dear.
[Red gets up and pulls out his gun]
SEAVER : Hey. Stop. What... What are you doing?
RED : Honestly, friendship has its limits. Now, give me your records pertaining to Lawrence Nelson, or I’m gonna blow out your kneecap. 
(épisode 10)
WARDEN [about the Postman] : It’s rare that a man would stick to the same story for 25 years. If they’re guilty, they usually give up the fight. But it’s easier for me to believe that he did it.
Because either way, he’ll never get those 25 years back.
(épisode 10)
RED [about the Postman to Cooper] : As a man with some criminal experience, I can assure you that sometimes forces much greater than ourselves help to lead us to those waters.
(épisode 10)
AGNES : But, Pinkie... I have no idea how to play.
RED : Well, I’m down a chess partner, and I thought I could teach you.
AGNES : But you’ll beat me.
RED : Yes, I’ll trounce you. It’ll be very dispiriting, but not for me, of course. But here’s the thing about chess. You and your opponent have the exact same information. No one is hiding anything. Everything is right there on the board and in your head.
COOPER :  I don’t know, Agnes. Even when you think it’s all laid out for you, Pinkie can be very tricky. You’ll not just have to think several steps ahead. You’ll be replaying every move you made since you began the game. Playing against him will make you sharper, and since this is practically math homework, you can play for a little.
RED : Excellent! Okay. So, let’s get you set up. Now, smoke before fire. That means the white pieces move before the black. …
(épisode 10)
RESSLER : There’s a Zoomer Car. Isn’t that how he’s been getting around these days?
DEMBE : One of the ways. How do we explain our presence here?
(épisode 11)
RESSLER [on phone ] : Lot of signs point to Reddington as a hostage inside the store. Look. We’ve tried texting him, but no luck.
COOPER : This is Reddington we’re talking about. I can’t believe he hasn’t pumped the gunman full of bullets by now.
(épisode 11)
CYNTHIA : [...] If ever there was a story whose ending I wanted to find out more, I can’t think of it, but, Harold, since our last meeting, you’ve been more mute than a mime at mass.
(épisode 11)
COOPER : We’re still investigating to determine exactly what happened. The cameras were wiped.
CYNTHIA : I’m gonna save you some time and tell you what happened. Reddington happened. He didn’t build a Post Office to fool Wujing. He built it to fool you, and you played right into his hands. Standing guard for an attack that was never gonna come. 
(épisode 11)
DEMBE : [...] The witness inside the store before the robbery saw a gunman with a revolver. She was very clear about that. Look at the weapon that was recovered here.
RESSLER : That is definitely not a revolver.
DEMBE : A Browning High Power. Wooden grips. I’d recognize it anywhere. That’s Raymond’s gun. And those are his clothes.
(épisode 11)
RESSLER [to Dembe] : It’s like Brussels all over again. I spent years hunting Reddington, and he was always just one step ahead.
(épisode 11)
 HERBIE : [...] Did you feel loved?
SIYA : Yeah. Right up until the point when my mother was killed.
HERBIE : If your world view is working for you, why take a risk in fixing something that isn’t broken?
(épisode 11)
[Siya is wearing a gun]
Isn’t that a bit excessive? It’s just Raymond. What are you gonna do, shoot him?
(épisode 11)

[Red kills Jack]
RED : Well, that was unpleasant. We don’t have much time. I’m a wanted criminal. The worst of the worst, if you believe the FBI’s list. Of course, I’m not much of a list person myself. I prefer to rely on my instincts when it comes to judging someone’s character [telephone rings ]. Ignore that.
[Red replaces the his gun with Jack’s revolver]
Okay. So, here’s what happened. The bad guy here, he... What’s your name, dear?
JI-MIN : Ji-Min.
RED : He struck Ji-Min with his gun. Our young Internet-er rushed to her aid, fought over the weapon, and it went off. [to Ron] Sir, if you don’t mind, your jacket, please.
RON : Wait. You want us to lie to the cops?
[Red changes jackets and hats with Ron]
RED : Well, I could frighten you all and tell you that I’ll have my people do their worst, but what’s the point when it’s so much easier to make you happy? Or at least make you rich.
JI-MIN : How rich?
RED : Jackpot rich. Wish-come-true rich. Rich enough to pay all your bills and start something new, something exciting. 
(épisode 11)

CYNTHIA : You missed my deadline.
RED : I did. But I’m here now.
CYNTHIA : Doesn’t matter. I can’t cover for you anymore, Raymond, waiting for your casual disregard for human life to destroy my career and the careers of others. I set a meeting with the Attorney General tomorrow to tell him everything I know, starting with your execution of Wujing and his associate Zhang Wei inside the Post Office. I don’t care what it’ll cost me. And I know what it’ll cost me.
[Red holds up a thumb drive]
RED : You must be referring to this. My casual disregard for humanity served you well enough when you needed someone interrogated to save a member of your family. I still have the recording, of course.
CYNTHIA : Send it to The New York Times. I don’t care. I’m ready to pay for my mistakes. Do your worst.
RED : Cynthia, I’m trying to do my best. It’s in nobody’s interest if you’re only helping the task force because I’m forcing you to. Help them because the world is a better place with them in it. Wujing and the Blacklisters that he broke out of prison, that mess was created by my former associate, Marvin Gerard. It was my mess to clean up. Anyway, that’s my two cents. Spend it how you will [he leaves the thumb drive on the table and exits]
(épisode 11)
RED : I don’t really have a house. Not anymore, at least.
AGNES : What happened?
RED : Well, I sold one, gifted four. I sunk numbers six and seven. And eight and nine...  I’m not entirely sure what’s happened to them.
AGNES : How come you got rid of all your houses?
RED : I suppose...  Well, recently, I’ve found myself letting go more and more so I can better hold onto what I really want and still be light on my feet.
(épisode 12)
YOUNG AÏSSA : You’re deflecting.
YOUNG DEMBE : Is it working?
YOUNG AÏSSA : You don’t have to tell me everything, but you must never lie to me.
(épisode 11)
YOUNG AÏSSA : He’s not just a businessman, this Raymond. He’s a criminal. And– And what? You work for him?
YOUNG DEMBE : It’s complicated.
YOUNG AÏSSA : Then un-complicate it!
YOUNG DEMBE : Raymond saved my life back in Nairobi. Tonight, I saved his. You have to understand, he was the most important person to me...  until I met you.
YOUNG AÏSSA : You lied to me. For him.
(épisode 12)
RESSLER : What happened? Where’s Jon?
AÏSSA : Well, since you two were taking your sweet time, I got some help. From a friend.
(épisode 12)
RED [to Thabit] : You can tell Prince whomever that you’re saving him over $11 million a year, or you can treat your men, your mistress, or yourself to just about whatever you please. So, General, what do you say?
(épisode 12)
YOUNG AÏSSA : And if you came with us, you’d always be looking over your shoulder like that, wouldn’t you?
YOUNG AÏSSA : And if someone did see you, then what? Bags packed in the middle of the night? On to a new city, with new names? I love you, Dembe. I do. But that’s not the life I want, for either of us.
YOUNG DEMBE : I won’t bother you again.
YOUNG AÏSSA : Do you want to hold her (Isabella)?
YOUNG DEMBE : Yes. Very much, but... I should go.
(épisode 12)
DEMBE : Raymond, if you hadn’t shown up in time...
RED : You’re still in love with her.
DEMBE : I think I always have been.  
(épisode 12)
RED : I would have understood, if... If you hadn’t shown up that night at the airfield.
DEMBE : I know. I knew then, too.
(épisode 12)
AÏSSA : Is that the truth? You’re glad Michael and I will be together again?
DEMBE : I’m glad he’s safe.
(épisode 12)
AGNES : He seemed... different. Or maybe not different, but more so.
COOPER : Oh? How’s that?
AGNES : I don’t know. It’s like he’s searching for something but can’t see it. And when he stops, it bumps into him. It’s like he’s looking for something that’s already there. It’s either in front of him or behind him.
COOPER : And what do you suppose “it” is?
AGNES : Life or death, I guess. Isn’t that what it usually is? Life and death? Like Charlotte’s Web.
Cooper: Yeah. Like Charlotte’s Web. I think for Pinkie, maybe it’s always been life and death. Maybe now it’s just “more so,” like you said.
AGNES : You love him, don’t you, Pops?
(épisode 12)
AGNES : Oh, you definitely love him, Pops. I mean, how could you not? He’s so soft and cuddly, like you.
COOPER : I think maybe that’s enough ice cream for tonight.Besides, it’s time for you to go to bed.
AGNES : Night, Pops.
COOPER : Goodnight, sweetheart. [alone] “Soft and cuddly.”
(épisode 12)
MEERA : Remember Moscow? Two dozen Russian Mafia bosses meet with a handful of rising Chechen gang members to broker peace over dinner. No weapons allowed. By dessert, all the Russians were dead, slaughtered with their own cutlery.
NIGEL : Maybe the Russians shouldn’t have picked a steakhouse for the meetup. 
(épisode 13)
RED : [...] I suppose in the end, Manolete found it easier to risk his life than to live a life without risk.
(épisode 13)
SIYA [to Herbie] : When I started on this task force, the first thing Agent Ressler warned me was not to get in debt to Reddington. It feels like a slippery slope I’m not sure I want to start sliding down.
(épisode 13)
RED : Maybe what matters most, Siya, is what you already know. That you were loved and cared for by Meera and your stepfather. Un-redacting the past won’t change any of that.
SIYA : Maybe not. But I’ve learned something I can’t un-learn. Meera wasn’t my biological mother. A fact she hid from me. Why?
RED : Now look who’s dancing with a murderous beast, poking it with sharp sticks.
SIYA : Are you saying you won’t help me?
RED : Is that what you want? My help?
(épisode 13)
CYNTHIA MALLET :  Good call. Speaking of things going missing, why are you unloading all of these treasures now? Has something changed in your world?
RED : Everything and nothing, my dear. No cause for concern. I just feel the need to be more discerning from here on out.
CYNTHIA : Hmm. Now, that I understand. The older I get, the less I desire.
RED : And the things you desire, you can’t live without.
(épisode 13)
CYNTHIA MALLET : Sappho’s “Tithonus” poem. Oh. [ she reads it]. I feel seen all the way from the 3rd century BC. It’s just exquisite!
RED : Keep it.
CYNTHIA : Wha– What?
RED : Over the decades, you’ve been nothing but unfailingly loyal and gracious and funny.
CYNTHIA : Oh, my lamb! I will cherish this. Every single day. Twice a day.
RED : I know you will.
CYNTHIA : Thank you.
RED : You’re welcome.
CYNTHIA : I’m over the moon! I may need that gummy now to calm down.
(épisode 13)
SIYA : There is zero chance of me being unarmed while whatever it is we’re doing.
RED : Who said anything about being unarmed?
See anything you like? Trust me, where we’re going, if things go sideways, you don’t want to discharge your government-issued firearm. By the way, on this journey your name will be Janet Grimm, like the fairy tales, if anyone asks.
(épisode 13)
SIYA : What am I supposed to do?
RED : Wait here. Shoot anybody who runs out.
SIYA : Yeah, I’m not gonna do that.
RED : Suit yourself. Look alive! [Moments later, a gunshot rings out and Red runs out, preposterously waving a sword]. Get a wiggle on, Janet!
(épisode 13)
SIYA : You just sold an authentic Tiffany lamp for $200?
RED : I did.
SIYA : Even $20,000 is a steal. Why didn’t you tell her what it is?
RED : Maybe she’ll discover it on her own. Imagine her delight then. The story she’ll tell for the rest of her life about finding a Tiffany lamp in some dusty garage sale in Bushwick, snagging it for a song.
SIYA : Yeah, but what if she never learns where it came from? Its true provenance?
RED : What if...
(épisode 13)
RED : An original plan for the USS Constellation, one of the six original frigates commissioned for the US Navy, 1794.
COOPER : Are you okay, Raymond?
RED : You don’t like the gift?
COOPER : Oh, I like the gift. Very much. Thank you. But Agent Malik says that you’ve been traipsing around the globe collecting and then practically giving away some of your irreplaceable possessions. Is there something I should know?
RED : Just having a little fun, Harold. Remember fun? You get older, and you realize we make life so complicated when it doesn’t need to be. We complicate ourselves to death.
(épisode 13)
RED [to Siya] : From what I’ve gathered, you’re dead set on pursuing this search into Meera Malik’s past and your own beginnings. Come what may, that check you’re holding in your hand will help open the door, should you choose to step through it.
(épisode 13)
CHARLENE : After 30 years of marriage, I can finally tell the difference between your sexy squint and your tortured gaze.
COOPER : And what are my eyes telling you now?
CHARLENE : That I’m not getting lucky tonight.
(épisode 14)
COOPER : I’m very sorry to hear that, but, uh, it’s not exactly the kind of case is gonna help us.
CHARLENE : Oh, so... the goal of your team is to help yourselves. And all this time I thought it was to help people in trouble. My mistake.
(épisode 14)
HERBIE :  I just pulled a clean print.
DEMBE : From where?
HERBIE : The toilet.
RESSLER : He didn’t clean the toilet?
HERBIE : He cleaned most of the toilet. But lucky for us, Kel is a ‘stand-up guy.’ As in he stands to pee, which means he has to lift the seat.
DEMBE : You found his fingerprint underneath the toilet seat? Gross.
HERBIE : Have you changed a diaper recently?
(épisode 14)
VICENTE : [...] But the past is the past. This project represents a new chapter for his organization.
RED : So we’re playing pretend now. Okay, I’ll play along. 
(épisode 14)
RED : Erosion is a sneaky sort. It happens slowly over time. Before you know it, something that once was thriving no longer exists.
VICENTE : Is that a threat?
RED : Just a tip. That one’s free. You can see yourself out.
(épisode 14)
RED : Nonsense. I’ll take you there first thing tomorrow on the jet.
SIYA : Really? Are you planning to fly tomorrow?
RED : I’m planning to fly you to St. Augustine tomorrow. Oldest city in America I’ve never been. I’d love to go.
(épisode 14)
RED : Siya, I’m not exactly sure how this is going to go. Would you be a dear and stand by me and look tough?
SIYA : How tough we talking?
RED: Like you shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.
(épisode 14)
SANTORO : You screwed me over in Florida.
RED : No, I leaned into resources that I told your associate about. Nothing more, nothing less. You, on the other hand, decided to play in my sandbox without inviting me to make castles with you.
(épisode 14)
RED : I wish you had come back.
WEECHA : I’ve been busy with work.
RED : I’m not surprised, what with you being such a tough guy and all. But I’m getting too old to search the jungle for you.
WEECHA : You’re saying Santoro caught your attention, But I know you don’t care about him or his business. That’s not why you’re here, is it?
RED : I missed you. Miss you.
[ They kiss]
WEECHA : I miss you, too. But I gotta get back to work.
(épisode 14)
DEMBE [angry at Jemma] : You’re right. Dowries are dehumanizing. But you could have really helped those brides. Instead, you preyed on them. At the end of the day, you’re no better than a run-of-the-mill thief. Just like the man who stole from you.
(épisode 14)
RED : Not every answer is worth knowing.
SIYA : To me, this one is. Would you just... Please, tell me what you know?
RED : Kolkata. In 1997, Meera was a young intelligence officer working an operation in one of the deepest, darkest holes that humanity has to offer, guns and drսgs, sеxual slavery. One night she met the head of a trafficking ring in Bowbazar, a red-light district that’s said to employ almost 12,000 prostitutes. While Meera was trying to work the asset, she noticed the crying baby alone in the corner. At that moment, members of a rival gang came in and the place turned into a free-for-all. As the chaos ensued around her, Meera suddenly just scooped up that baby girl and ran. She ran all the way to London and never let go.
(épisode 14)
SIYA : What about Officer Sutton? What happened to him?
RED : Before Kolkata, there was no baby. And afterwards there was you. Meera had fabricated your birth and adoption. And Officer Sutton, being her close colleague, knew the truth and tried to use that against your mother, extorting her and putting you in danger. Meera wasn’t going to let anything bad happen to her new family. I know how far a parent will go to protect their child. Well, she didn’t kill him. She didn’t precipitate or participate. She let him die. Meera gave you a chance at life. And from what I’ve seen, your mother would be very proud.
(épisode 14)
COOPER [to Red about Siya] : I sent her to surveil you, not make friendship bracelets.
(épisode 15)
REVILL : I’m sorry, are you threatening me?
RED : Well, I wasn’t going to. I thought I might be able to come up with something... maybe do something nice for your son. I hear he’s a great football player. I don’t know, season tickets, club level. Something like that. Or maybe something for you and your wife. But you know what? Screw it.[He points his gun at Revill] Maybe it’s just easier to put a hole in your foot. So who’s the girl?
(épisode 15)
TODD : I’ve worked my entire adult life for my father. He wrote the foundational code that started CommTech, but I’m the one who kept us relevant in the 21st century. I’m not gonna split half of everything I’ve worked for with a couple cells in a petri dish.
SIYA : You know, Todd, it takes a lot to build a family. My own mother was willing to sacrifice anything. When I think about all those families and their dreams, about what was lost, what you destroyed for money ... You should be glad you’re talking to me and not my mother, because she would’ve left you broken and bleeding.
(épisode 15)
SIYA [about Red] : So he just looked through a pile of cases and chose three rejects? Is he ever that random?
DEMBE : Nothing he does is random. 
(épisode 15)
HERBIE : Well, they’re not exactly master criminals, and Raymond’s a thorough vetter. I mean, before he hired me, he called the lady that cut my hair.
(épisode 15)
RED [about Hudson] : So what if he is? Who am I to hold up my life and work against his life and his work? After what I heard yesterday, hell, I’d vote for the guy.
(épisode 15)
DEMBE : I’m sure that will have a huge impact, but last week, you were selling off your possessions. Now, you’re donating half your wealth...
RED : I’ve never been a miser.
DEMBE : Yes, you’ve always been very generous, but not like this.
RED : It’s just money, Dembe.
DEMBE : So it doesn’t mean anything?
RED : You just saw what happens when people forget how meaningless it really is.
DEMBE : You mean the three Blacklisters?
RED : They had power, respect, freedom, and they threw it all away for one more dollar. People have to know when enough is enough. And if you find yourself hanging on too tight, well, time to let go.
DEMBE : Okay. But is everything all right?
RED : Everything is all relative. And “all right” is definitely relative.
DEMBE : Raymond...
RED : Everything is fine, Dembe. I’m fine.
(épisode 15)
SENATOR DORF : I appreciate you both being able to meet on such short notice.
CYNTHIA PANABAKER : Look, Clayton, I have time for formalities like I have time for long walks on the beach. You got us here. What’s this about? 
(épisode 16)
COOPER : Are you hearing anything I’m saying? The future of this task force is on the line. I need you to start giving us substantial cases again. Cases that can demonstrate to the Justice Department and Congress that we get results and can justify our significant expenditures. We’ve always had a “we scratch your back, you scratch ours” arrangement. But now I’m not so sure.
RED : Well, perk up. I have a few new ideas to discuss that will scratch everyone’s back. 
(épisode 16)
RED : I tried to get ahold of Harold, but I had to settle for the second string.
RESSLER : I really hope there’s a point to this phone call other than to insult me.
RED : Donald, I can’t think of a better point than to insult you, but I suppose this will have to do for the moment.
(épisode 16)
RESSLER : How’d you manage that?
RED : Cost me seven favors at Immigration Services. It’s not so simple to get stamps on asylum papers these days.
RESSLER : Seven favors? What’d you do, move his whole family over from Cuba?
RED : No. His mistress, her sister, his mother, two cousins, a dear friend from high school, and a dog, which was its own headache.
RESSLER : I shouldn’t have even asked. 
(épisode 16)
 PANABAKER [about Hudson] : What can we say? He’s on a crusade. He’s a dog with a bone. I kind of... admire the guy.
COOPER : Strangely, so do I.
(épisode 16)
WEECHA : You need a bodyguard.
RED : I don’t want a bodyguard. I want a girlfriend.
WEECHA : Yeah, well, good luck with that.
(épisode 16)
COOPER : How are you? You sleeping alright? You look a little tired.
RED : Very perceptive, as usual. It was quite a night.
COOPER : What happened?
RED : I had an intruder at the bathhouse.
COOPER : What? Who? Were you hurt?
RED : I’m alright. It was a little bit touch and go at the beginning, but I came out on top in the end.
(épisode 16)
DEMBE : No, I’m done guessing. If you’re not gonna tell me what happened last night, then I’m leaving.
RED : Okay, okay, okay, okay. On one condition.
DEMBE : What?
RED : You beat me in a game of Bananagrams.
(épisode 16)
COOPER : What are the chances we’ll get a hit on that cup?
RESSLER : Based on how cool he played it? About the same as me playing first base for the Yankees.
(épisode 16)
DEMBE : Mmm-hmm. Start talking.
RED : I was half-asleep when I heard someone coming in. So I went to investigate.
DEMBE : You were alone?
RED : Yes, but I felt perfectly capable of defending myself.
DEMBE : From?
RED : It was Weecha.
DEMBE : Weecha? You told Harold it was an intruder.
RED : And she was.
DEMBE : Raymond. Clearly you led us to believe it was someone with bad intentions.
RED : I don’t know what Weecha’s intentions are, Dembe. The woman’s hard to read. She wouldn’t hurt me, but she might hurt me. It’s unclear.
(épisode 16)
RED [about Andrea] : Ah. Well. Jack-of-all-trades. Jack? If it’s a woman, does that make her a Jill-of-all-trades? 
(épisode 16)
COOPER : He’s a dozen people, and yet we still have no idea who he is.
RED : Well, it’s not unprecedented. There are 195 countries. I myself could produce a legal passport for many, if not most, if necessary.
(épisode 16)
DEMBE : That was quite the day.
RED  : Just like old times.
DEMBE : Why did you really want me to tag along?
RED : Well, Harold was worried about me. It seemed like a good opportunity to make him feel better and for you and I to spend a little time.
DEMBE : I miss you too, Raymond.
(épisode 16)

RED [to the staff of the Morgana Logistics Corporation] : Everyone? Thank you for coming. I know you weren’t given a choice, but still, I’m glad you’re here. First, some difficult news. As we speak, the FBI and a legion of international law enforcement agencies are shutting down all of Morgana’s operational facilities. It’s hard to imagine. I know. But don’t worry. All your employees are safe. Fortunately, I knew of the raids in advance and made provisions. For them and for all of you.
What can I say to you about Morgana? Of all the enterprises I’ve designed and maintained as part of my organization, it stands as one of the crowning achievements. If you’ll forgive a moment of braggadocio, I must say it’s a logistical marvel to rival the pyramids. A wonder of the world, but one designed to be hidden, wondrous precisely because it exists unseen in plain sight. The most complex and sophisticated shipping network in history. Every year, moving goods of more value than the GDP of some first-world countries. A monumental effort, accomplished, as the greatest things are, with singular vision and collective action. We did that. All of us.
It’s hard to believe it’s over. All these years. This was more than an enterprise, it was our lives, and we lived them together. I’m so proud – That word doesn’t really suffice – I’m honored to have stood beside you all as we discovered this creation of ours together. And together, we made a fortune. A fortune that I have grown and will now be sharing with you, my partners. Our work together may be done, but none of you will ever have to work again.
John Singer Sargent once painted a portrait of Henry James that was immediately deemed a masterpiece. But in 1914, at the Royal Academy, a political activist took a meat cleaver to the face of the painting. And when a reporter asked James how he felt about the vandalism, he said, “I naturally feel very scalped and disfigured, but you will be glad to know that I seem to be pronounced curable.”
(épisode 16)

ATKINS : All roads lead to Reddington.
HUDSON : Yeah. He’s the key. They’re all connected to him. All these years, we’ve never been able to catch him. This is why. Raymond Reddington has corrupted a task force within the FBI. And I’m gonna tear it apart at the joints.
(épisode 16)
VICENTE SANDOVAL : What were you doing in my pantry?
RED : Snooping. Most people go through the mail or medicine cabinets. You’d be surprised how much a butler’s pantry can tell you about a person.
(épisode 17)
 RED : Forbearance.
RAOUL : Forbearance isn’t a plan.
RED : No, it’s a prerequisite. It means we eat first and discuss later.
(épisode 17)
RED [to Herbie] : You know, over the years, women have gazed upon me with pretty equal measures of love and loathing. My survival has often depended on being able to tell the difference. 
(épisode 17)
IZAN SANDOVAL : You did this. You killed them.
RED : This was my goal, not my plan. I intended to talk you all to death, not kill you.
(épisode 17)
GABRIELLA : What are you doing?
RED : As I said, I’m late for an engagement, and death is a friend.
(épisode 17)
GABRIELLA : I am sorry.
RED : Some killers are.
(épisode 17)
DEMBE [to Dr. Harris]: Funny statistic. Most runners go upstairs, not down.
(épisode 17)
MICHAEL : I thought you were different.
GABRIELLA : I am different.
MICHAEL : Yeah. You’re worse.
(épisode 17)
SIYA : As long as Reddington stays put, he should be fine.
RESSLER : Then he’s a dead man walking.
COOPER : Did you speak with Reddington?
RESSLER : I called him like you asked to tell him to stay put. He didn’t pick up, so I tried Herbie. He told me that Reddington’s gone.
DEMBE : Gone? Gone where?
RESSLER : Well, he didn’t say, just that... he left.
(épisode 17)
RED [on phone with Agnes ] : Not to worry. I’m on my way. I promised I’d be there. I wouldn’t be caught dead anywhere else. 
(épisode 17)
COOPER : Do you have a death wish?
RED : No, but you must, or you’d think twice about sneaking into my home.
COOPER : Like you sneak into mine?
RED : I rely on your preternatural calm. I think you know me well enough not to rely on mine.
COOPER : You should be in quarantine.
RED : You should have seen Agnes. She was heaven. Absolute heaven.
COOPER : I would have loved to have seen her, but I was a little busy trying to save your ass. 
(épisode 17)
RED : Life is risk management, Harold. Priorities, dangers, promises. I gave my word to Agnes. Keeping it is worth the risk.
COOPER : You have no power against this. None. After all the precautions you’ve taken over the years to survive, suddenly, you’re okay with putting your life in the hands of pure dumb luck. Why?
(épisode 17)
 COOPER : It’s not a game. And we’re not simply associates. I care about you. More importantly, Agnes cares about you. You need to respect that.
RED : I do, Harold. Very much. At this time in our lives, I, for one, want as many reminders of the good and the beauty that this world has to offer.
COOPER : Like Agnes’ ballet?
RED : Like Agnes’ ballet. I can’t think of a better reason to risk my life. Can you?
(épisode 17)
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